I learned about GumGum through a friend who actually works for GumGum Sports. She had told me about the computer vision component of the company, and from there I developed an interest and began to research more about what GumGum is. Something that attracted me to GumGum is the work environment and the ambience of the space. There is something about beautiful furniture, a naturally lit space, dogs and being immersed in several different cultures motivates you.

Prior to working at GumGum I worked for Northstar Sourcing, a global sourcing company that creates high quality footwear, apparel and bags. Nothing like GumGum, but it had the startup mentality and vibe. Coming into GumGum, I had no experience working for a tech company, or much knowledge about artificial intelligence. After my time here, I have developed a passion for technology and a strong interest in what computer vision and AI can do for the human experience.

I enjoyed my time on the marketing team because of how collaborative it is. Marketing works with many different departments, which provides a bigger picture of what GumGum is striving for. As an intern, I was able to participate in the synergetic environment that made me feel welcomed but also pushed me to be smarter, better and faster.

One of my favorite aspects of working at GumGum is the open and inviting space that the company naturally offers. As an intern, I have had the opportunity to have conversations with the president and the CEO of the company. I have had the opportunity to sit in on meetings with executives and learn more about the business side of it all. Something I believe is gratifying is that you can speak with someone from a department and they will share with you everything that they do, and what their department does. The environment encourages learning and pushes all levels of employees to work harder.

Another thing I love about GumGum is the diversity. There are so many different cultures present throughout the company that no matter where you come from, what you sound like, or what you look like, you are welcomed.

During my time here, some highlights that I witnessed were the annual GumGum Hackathon, the Q4 Company Call held in the LA office and having many dogs to hang out with. My advice to current and future interns is to put yourself out there and immerse yourself with other departments. Take a second to speak with individuals and learn about what their team does for the company. Make connections and build rapport with others in the office! GumGum is an open and inviting environment and you should take full advantage of that. I would also say to not be afraid to ask questions if you do not understand something. And take the initiative: If you finish your work, ask your supervisor if you can help them with anything else. It is important to optimize your time here.

Be enthusiastic, be eager and be a go-getter.