Emma Lucas (Left) and Momoko “Momo” Kaneko (Right), the two newest members of GumGum Japan, are globetrotters with a flair for international business. It was really enjoyable to interview them both and learn more about their fascinating paths to GumGum.
Emma Lucas
Account Executive

How did you find out about GumGum?
My time in Manchester, Barcelona and Tokyo led me to working in the travel industry. Even though I was most recently with a company in the hotel industry, I had always been interested in advertising. A friend of a friend in ad tech recommended that I look into GumGum, and I saw that it was a great company with great opportunities.

What is it like working for GumGum Japan and what do you like most about it?
My day-to-day involves a lot of meeting with advertising agencies and pitching to potential clients. I really like the people and the products at GumGum. The team in Japan is definitely supportive, but so is everyone else. Everyone has been friendly and helpful with answering questions. The products are also really interesting and entertaining, so it’s fun to pitch to clients—and quite rewarding. I’m excited to see how the team grows and how GumGum progresses over the next year. My goals for the rest of the year are to continue personally developing my skills and really owning what I have.

What are your hobbies? 
I really like being active. I love yoga, snorkeling, hiking and traveling (most recently to Malaysia and Borneo). Fun fact: Last year I climbed Mt. Fuji with a friend. We almost had to turn back because of a storm, but it passed and we powered through.
Momo Kaneko
Sales and Marketing Coordinator

How did you find out about GumGum?
I’ve studied or worked in the US and the UK in the past, and I wanted to join a company where I could use both Japanese and English. I also think that the AI technology industry is fascinating and growing quickly, which creates an exciting and inspiring environment. My search led me to GumGum.
What is like working for GumGum Japan and what do you like most about it?
I support the marketing and sales teams by working with PR agencies to spread the word about GumGum products and by organizing meetings. Although our team is small—eight people so far—we appreciate each member’s unique background and we respect the diversity. Everyone is passionate, dedicated to their work and willing to help each other all the time. And even though I am the newest member of our team, I feel that everyone respects my opinion. I also like that my role requires me to think actively and ask questions—and everyone is really welcoming with their answers. I’m really happy here, and I love learning something new every day from the innovative and inspiring people here at GumGum.
What are your hobbies?
I have danced ballet for 18 years. I also really love cooking and eating! I used to work in a Mexican restaurant in Japan and can make good guacamole.