By: Layla Soufi, Client Solutions Manager, UK
I recently attended a webinar presented by a panel of female VC’s from Milan, London, LA and San Francisco. Each of the four women were from global companies, which had a huge focus on being built ethically and were informing the 87 listeners how they got to where they are, challenges they faced and strategies for others keen to move in this direction. 
The whole webinar was fascinating from start to finish. The reality is: There are significantly less women in senior positions like theirs and it is easy to be disheartened by that. Their advice was really inspiring yet simplistic. They each achieved their goals through determination, hard work and pushing through every obstacle. The best lesson I took away was to challenge yourself every day at work and at home, from building a network of influential people to proactively learning the skills to get you there. One of the VC’s work ethic was really admirable in that she was always looking to create meaningful connections that paved the path to success for bright people everywhere. 
If you have spare time, I would recommend reviewing the webinar here or the many others regarding women in tech on BrightTALK, they are informative and educational!