Som, VP of Global Marketing, LA


As a Thai-American woman working in the marketing and tech industry, I am truly honored that Asian Pacific cultures are being celebrated. A mix of cultural identities, I was born Brooklyn, New York and raised in Thailand. Growing up bilingual, caught between two worlds, I quickly learned to adjust and appreciate the strength in diversity - a belief that has helped me throughout my career. 

Growing up, I was always between two places: I was one of the few Asian Americans in my class even while attending international schools and colleges, and then relocated cross continent back to the US. The true test started when I landed in San Francisco as an adult - I had been working managerial roles for large companies in Asia, but my peers in the US felt I lacked the knowledge and experience needed to succeed. Instead of viewing this as a setback, this pushed me to try even harder! I took any job I could get just to gain experience. I worked at the Virgin Megastore and the Biscoff call center for a few months until I finally landed my first tech job at Sun Microsystems. And, the rest was history! 

The road to where I am today was not easy, but it has been a privilege to represent my ethnicity through my professional career path. Sharing my passion and insights as a tech marketer has made me immensely proud. I have applied the values and ideologies of my childhood within my work as an adult on every step of my path. Growing up with a buddhism background, we were taught to be kind, and respect elders to bring prosperity into life. Throughout my career here, I have used my spare time to help people find the right jobs and opportunities to reach their true potential. 

While immersing myself into the American culture felt natural, being able to spread the Thai cultures to others was what I felt was most rewarding. I’ve been sharing Thailand recommendations for new travelers and helping plan trips to show off all the amazing attractions my country has to offer. I also love including my friends and coworkers in my Thai New Years celebrations every year so they understand our traditions!!

As a Thai-American, I am passionate about making the world a smaller place by spreading my culture and appreciating all the diversity the world has to offer us. My name, ‘Som’ which is ‘orange’ in Thai and ‘hi’ in Sawasdee is a true depiction of what I wish to be: a burst of Thai culture and energy, finding my way and helping others find theirs.