By Felix Gil


What does Pride month mean to you and how has it changed for you over the years?

Pride month is a great opportunity to both reflect and celebrate how far we’ve come in fighting for equal rights. It’s also a stark reminder of how much work it still needs to be done everywhere in the world.

My first time marching in a Pride event was almost 20 years ago, back then there were no big companies or names supporting the LGBT+, so even if it’s a bit corny to see the ubiquitous rainbow flags all over this month, that to me represents the advancement of human rights and I don’t take that for granted.

How has coming out shaped your life and/or your identity?

Growing up between Dominican Republic and Mexico made my coming out a somewhat challenging process….even to this day. While progress has been made in the Latino culture in terms of visibility and acceptance, there’s still a long way ahead.

I can say though, that the moment I decided to be more true to myself I started to meet the most incredible people. Sometimes within the LGBT+ community you end up creating your own second family who will accept you and support you for who you really are.

Is there anything you wish you could say to those who strive to be effective LGBTQ+ allies?

I’d say Thank You! In reality, you never really know when someone really close to you might end up coming out to you, so think that the fight in advancing LGBT+ rights could also be the fight for your friends, family, children or grandchildren’s rights. While we all lead different paths sometimes those paths suddenly intertwine!