Brian Kim, GM of Sports, LA


What does Asian Pacific American Heritage Month mean to you?

A reminder of the hard work and dedication my parents put in to immigrate here nearly 50 years ago, build their own businesses, and create a future for our family. It's a celebration of their accomplishments and the role models they played in showing that dreams can be achievable and opportunity is driven by passion.

What has your personal experience been as an Asian-American? (personal, career, etc)

Growing up as a minority at school, I'd be lying to say I didn't experience any racism. I was the only asian kid in my elementary school, then one of 3 in my high school class. However, seeing both the change in culture and mindset over the last 20-30 years, it's been great to see.  These days, those types of actions tend to be the minority vs. the norm and it goes to show how much society has grown and what a melting pot the world is becoming. We still have more to go, but there continues to be progress.