By Ashlyn Snuckel

Following the success of the She Runs It Women to Watch awards in New York last month, the GumGum women in Chicago attended one of their chapter’s first networking events.

The event began with a warm welcome from She Runs It CEO Lynn Branigan who explained the mission of the 105-year organization is to “pave the way for women to lead in every advertising category.” At 750 members strong, the Chicago chapter is only growing. Branigan encouraged everyone in attendance to get involved and become a member, join a committee or participate in a mentoring program.

The group present was a mix of members and non-members with jobs ranging from sales to client to creative. “It was so awesome to network with other women in the industry, whether that be the creative side, agency side or client direct side,” said Midwest Account Executive Chelsea Jacobsen. “This definitely helped me understand that our industry has many different sides to it and I loved hearing from each person [about] what they do and how they view it.”

To help break the ice, each attendee was prompted to play ‘Mingle Bingo’ upon checking in. The game encouraged each guest to meet as many people as possible using challenges such as ‘Meet someone who speaks another language’ or ‘Meet a Committee Member.’ “I thought [Mingle Bingo] was such a fun and unique idea,” said Jacobsen. It really work[ed] and helped me branch out, ask questions and meet new people that I wouldn’t normally walk up to and spark conversation with.”

The networking event left the Midwest team excited about future events and to have such a strong network of industry women in Chicago. “I really enjoyed this event,” said Midwest Account Executive Catherine DiPasquale. “It was really interesting learning about different companies within the industry and it was nice to see familiar faces.” Jacobsen agreed saying, “It is so great to connect and see such successful women making such a difference in our industry.”