By GumGum Team

Ewen Lim is our Director of Publisher Development in Sydney, Australia and also a fun-loving guy. He has been spearheading new business for GumGum in Australia while raising an adorable 4-year-old.

Please tell us a little about what you do at GumGum.

I’m the Director of Publisher Development at GumGum Australia. My responsibilities are a combination of new business and account management. Based in Sydney, I’m responsible for identifying, structuring and securing new publisher deals for GumGum across Australia and New Zealand. Once a deal is closed, I build trust, and build the relationship with our clients to make sure things are running smoothly from both a technical and business relationship standpoint.

How would you compare the publisher world in Australia to that in America?

In terms of publishing content, the AU and US are regularly viewed as similar markets. The websites of both countries are often in English, our celebrities are often recognised and cultural trends shared are close.

On the business side of things, Australian CPMs are significantly higher than the US market. In Australia, we have publishers who charge >USD$150 CPMs. These players are niche, usually reaching highly attractive audience mixes / business decision makers.

With a much smaller population in Australia to support publisher scale, inventory here has historically been in short supply. There is more intense competition from both local and international adtech vendors to identify and plug overlooked gaps in the market – because the sheer number of publishers are so much fewer. One thing that’s genuinely stood out, from what we’ve done here – is the incredible appetite for innovation and uniqueness for ad formats such as our In-Image unit – Australia is very excited and hungry for it.

How did you get your start in Publisher Development?

I got my start writing for a publisher as an intern for the Wall Street Journal, followed by business development and agency sales roles in Yahoo! and Google. In these roles, I was securing new business and account managing, very similar to this.

Besides being an awesome employee at GumGum, what interests do you have?

Travel, cooking and property investments. I cook for the family most nights, and having my little 4 year old Erika Arizona help out while we bond in the kitchen is often the highlight of my day!

I’m a mission driven entrepreneur at heart, and the chance to build a business with my team gives me a sense of accomplishment. The motivation comes from the rhythm of the day to day – working with a team whose members I respect, who constantly challenge me to learn (thank you Laura Kleiman, Dan Fennell and Kristy Kwak!), and who you can’t bear to let down.