By GumGum Team

Amanda Lichwala is our People Operations Associate and one of GumGum’s brightest personalities. Besides being a rockstar HR team member, she has also helped improve our already outstanding culture by implementing new ideas and hand selecting stellar employees.

Please tell us a little about your role at GumGum?

I’m the People Operations Associate at GumGum. In general, our People Ops department works with our leadership to identify opportunities to streamline company growth, develop programs for employee development, and maintain our working environment for employees. The programs and processes from this role ultimately set up, maintain and/or enhance the foundation for the culture within the company. More specifically, some of the things I manage include our learning and development program, GumGum University, our philanthropy program, GumGum Gives Back, new hire on-boarding, records and retention, benefit administration and our internship program. I also serve as a resource and one of the point people within my team for any employee questions/relations.

What is your favorite part of your job and why?

The people and culture! It is so rewarding and inspiring to work with such brilliant, self-motivated, and passionate people. One of my favorite things about working in People Ops is being able to interact with our employees on a daily basis and help to solve problems. I enjoy serving as a resource for our employees and doing my part to make sure everyone is happy, given the best resources to do their job effectively while also enjoying the time they spend at work each day. I am happy to be a part of the family!

What do you and HR look for in an ideal GumGum candidate?

Other than specific skills sets required for each role, we look for candidates that are passionate about our brand, dynamic, self-motivated and take pride in the quality of work that they deliver. Teamwork is a huge part of our culture, so it is important that candidates are also flexible and can wear many hats in order to bring value to the company as a whole and contribute wherever it is needed. We also look for people that innovate and seek opportunities to improve the status quo; someone who can build on our products and vision, not just to maintain them.

Tell us about the Amanda we all love. What do you love to do personally?

Recently, I’ve been practicing hot yoga which is my kryptonite! It keeps me grounded and is a great way to clear my mind and strengthen my body. I am a summer baby so one of my favorite things to do is to ride my bike down to Venice or Manhattan beach and beach bum it under the summer sun, which is practically year round in LA. You can usually find me swimming in the ocean or any water related activity, relaxing in nature, dancing, traveling as much as work permits ;), and occasionally enjoying a beer or cocktail.