The global water crisis has left people across nations without access to clean or safe drinking water. According to, one in nine people don’t have access to safe water. To help do our part, we held a company-wide fundraising competition for Charity: Water, a non-profit organization with a great mission to combat this issue.

In just a month, employees collectively raised $5,326 which was then matched by GumGum for a total fundraising of $10,326. The entirety of funds donated will go directly to sponsoring a water project for a community and village in need. These funds will be used to help build wells, pipe systems, BioSand filters and other safe methods of harvesting water. Building structures within these communities also provides close access to drinking water which women and children often have to travel long distances for.

Everyone deserves access to safe and clean drinking water and we are proud to take part in supporting that right. Be on the lookout for an update on the progress of our specific support project. If you’re interested in donating or fundraising for Charity: Water, visit their website at  

Photo: courtesy of Charity: Water