At GumGum we have spent a lot of time creating our “secret sauce” for understanding the context of images. It is important because the more we understand what an image is about the better we can target ads. The better we can target ads the more money you can make!

Today we are launching our Alt Text feature, which will empower you to help us better understand what an image is about. Let us know if it is an image of Paris Hilton or a BMW sports car.

Tip: Don’t be general. Telling us it is a picture of a “car” helps, but “BMW sports car” is better.

Here are some easy ways to implement our new feature:

After uploading an image to WordPress, you are prompted to enter some information about the image. Use the field, “Alternate Text,” to inform GumGum what you think the image is about. In the screenshot below you will notice we entered, “BMW sports car.”

After uploading an image to Blogger, you must click the “Edit HTML” tab. Find the field, “Alt = “” ” and enter “BMW sports car” between the quotation marks.

We hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any questions!