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Happy New Year From the GumGum Team!


As we conclude  a truly remarkable year, we’d like to express our sincerest gratitude to the many clients, partners, advisors and friends who made 2013 so unforgettable.

We’re especially proud of these accomplishments:

  • Increasing revenue by 250% and achieving profitability
  • Doubling our headcount to 50 employees in six U.S. offices
  • Expanding our global reach to more than 300M uniques (Quantcast) and US reach to 70M uniques (comScore)
  • Delivering hundreds of campaigns for heavyweight brands like LG, Canon, AT&T, Cadillac, Lifetime, The CW, Maybelline, Coca-Cola, Toyota, AMC, Macy’s, BMW and Toshiba
  • Adding major publisher partners, including,, Shape, OK!, Spanish Broadcasting System, Billboard, Wetpaint and Internet Brands
  • Launching the Canvas image take-over unit
  • Launching our patent-pending image classification system
  • Launching In-Screen Ads, opening up mobile and non-image inventory
  • Winning the Patrick Soon-Shiong Innovation Award and being named a finalist in the Digiday Publishing and iMedia ASPY Awards

As we enter 2014, we’re excited to expand upon these successes. We look forward to even more growth as we welcome new members to our team and continue to demonstrate our superior brand performance to advertisers and revenue-generating capabilities to publishers.

On behalf of the entire GumGum team, we wish you a very Happy New Year. May 2014 usher in prosperity and success to us all!

GumGum: The Year in Images 2013

pic_gridThe Year of the Snake, the year of the Twerk, of Thrift Shop, the Harlem Shake and mania-inducing events of all kinds – call it what you will, one thing is for sure: 2013 was a year like no other. Spanning the worlds of entertainment, technology, politics and media, we present a few of the top images from across the GumGum platform that shifted, shaped and otherwise changed the way we viewed pop culture in 2013.

From Oreo proving real-time marketing, to Edward Snowden unveiling the truth behind today’s ‘harmless’ technology to Miley Cyrus twerking her way into the pantheon of unforgettable TV moments, 2013 set a benchmark for the incredible, salacious and incomparable events in pop culture history.

Tell us where you’d place these pop culture events on your 2013 ranking list in the comments below!

Clockwise from top left

  • Breaking Bad Finale
  • Edward Snowden NSA Scandal Interview
  • Seth MacFarlane Hosts Oscars
  • Royal Baby Prince George Greets World
  • Miley Cyrus MTV Awards Performance
  • Larry Page Introduces Google Glass
  • •iPhone 5c Product Unveiling
  • Oreo Superbowl Tweet
  • North West Kardashian First Look
  • Justin Timberlake Music Comeback

Publisher Spotlight: Mamiverse

mamiverseWe’re proud of our publisher partners and regularly feature the sites we think do an outstanding job of incorporating in-image advertising into their sites.

One of our newest publishers, Mamiverse is an entertainment news site with more than 12 million unique visitors per month. Started in July of 2011, the site reaches young and older Latina women who love entertainment. Its parent company, Mamiverse International, uses its social media publishing and distribution platform to build and engage audiences that are highly attractive to advertisers.

We spoke with Mamiverse’s CEO, Rene Alegria, to get her thoughts on the in-image advertising category and working with GumGum.


GumGum Featured on Bloomberg TV+

We are so honored to have been featured on Bloomberg Television earlier this week during an interview segment with First Round CapitalHoward Morgan, one of our distinguished investors.

Thank you Howard!

See the interview segment above or follow the video link here.

A Disruptive Game Plan: Catching the Active Consumer


Consumer engagement. Brand impact. Whether it’s initiating a dialogue, extending a brand’s story or determining strategies to win over hearts and minds, consumers are king when it comes to brand marketing online.

To prove the efficacy of our in-image ads to drive consumer engagement, we deployed Nielsen Online Brand Effect on behalf of a major electronics retailer, as they rolled out their ultra high-definition televisions. Knowing that pro football coincided with the holiday shopping season, we overlaid our custom animated creative for the new TVs on football related images across the GumGum platform. 
The result was not only an increase in awareness of the brand, but a 12.1% brand lift in purchase intent among those exposed to the campaign. To read the full case study, click here.
A BIG THANK YOU goes out to the team at Nielsen for featuring GumGum on the Nielsen Newswire and inviting us to co-present the study during their publisher breakfast at the upcoming iMedia Agency Summit in Scottsdale on December 10, 2013.

GumGum Wins Prestigious Patrick Soon-Shiong Innovation Award

  • GumGum Wins Prestigious Patrick Soon-Shiong Innovation Award
  • GumGum Wins Prestigious Patrick Soon-Shiong Innovation Award
  • GumGum Wins Prestigious Patrick Soon-Shiong Innovation Award
  • GumGum Wins Prestigious Patrick Soon-Shiong Innovation Award
  • GumGum Wins Prestigious Patrick Soon-Shiong Innovation Award
  • GumGum Wins Prestigious Patrick Soon-Shiong Innovation Award
  • GumGum Wins Prestigious Patrick Soon-Shiong Innovation Award
  • GumGum Wins Prestigious Patrick Soon-Shiong Innovation Award
  • GumGum Wins Prestigious Patrick Soon-Shiong Innovation Award
  • GumGum Wins Prestigious Patrick Soon-Shiong Innovation Award
  • GumGum Wins Prestigious Patrick Soon-Shiong Innovation Award

For a company that prides itself on innovation, we could not be more proud of being awarded the Los Angeles Business Journal‘s 2013 Patrick Soon-Shiong Innovation Award. The prestigious honor celebrates organizations that stretch boundaries and advance the innovative and economic competitiveness of the Los Angeles region. GumGum was among five companies to receive the honor from among more than 200 nominees and 15 finalists. A complete overview of the awards and all of the winners is part of a spread in this week’s issue of the Journal.

For the press release of this announcement, click here.


Where Images and Ads Hook Up

For a long time, we’ve wanted to use video to bring to life the concept of in-image advertising in a fun and clever way, and this week we launched an entertaining 40-second spot we think does just that.

Where Images and Ads Hook Up” casts two young models in a provocative scene; an image is portrayed by the young woman, and the ad is played by a man, while viewers become privy to the steamy interaction that ensues. Our call to action is read on screen: “enhance your brand’s performance,” the double entendre meant to communicate the value of in-image ads within the context of our sexy spot.


Leasing a Soul and Building Better Companies (PandoDaily Post)

Leasing a Soul and Building Better Companies (PandoDaily Post)

This article, authored by GumGum CEO Ophir Tanz, was originally published by PandoDaily on August 28, 2013.

Institutional investment in tech entrepreneurs dates back 50 years or so and, during that period, we’ve seen the average age of funded entrepreneurs drop precipitously. The scenario today is somewhat laughable when you consider it. In a typical early stage venture capital investment, a million dollars or more is pooled from pension funds, charities, endowments and sovereign wealth funds and entrusted to a twenty-something with zero work experience, no real understanding of how to manage people or capital, no ability to command a room, garner press, or even put together decent financials…the list goes on.

Yet there is more investment in unproven entrepreneurs now than ever before. Why? What insurance does an early stage investor have to hedge obvious risk? And, furthermore, is the current value exchange leading entrepreneurs to build the best possible companies?


LURID: A Look Into GumGum’s Heuristic Technologies

In this photo still from a leading women's retailing website, the model's skin exposure, body angle and facial positioning is detected by GumGum's LURID image classifying system to output a comprehensive score of image content safety. As seen here, the image is classified as (generally) safe.

In this photo from a leading womens retail website, the model’s skin exposure, body angle and facial positioning is detected and output by GumGum’s LURID image classifying system along with a comprehensive score of image safety and an estimate of what she’s wearing. As seen here, the image is classified as (generally) safe.

How would your computer know if the content of an image is safe? Can computer intelligence correctly detect levels of safe and unsafe image content?

These are some of the questions our team of image scientists have been working to answer, and have resulted in some of the core technologies that differentiate GumGum from other image-based advertising providers.

Led by our director of image technology, Daniel S. Rosen, GumGum’s patented technology breaks down an image to its core elements using several heuristic methods, including image science, human physiology and plain old common sense analytics.

Through this approach, Rosen and his team created a system capable of detecting skin tones, facial and body measurements/positions, which collectively constitute GumGum’s LURID image classifier- a revolutionary system that generates an output score along with analytical data determining whether an image is generally safe, generally unsafe, probably safe or probably unsafe.

Providing this level of analysis and detection leaves the subjective decision making of whether to display an ad on a particular image in the hands of advertisers and account managers, instead of allowing machines to decide.


Taking an In-Depth Look at In-Image Advertising


We know firsthand that pioneering a whole new display advertising channel comes with the responsibility to educate the industry about what we do and why it’s so valuable to the brands and agencies we serve.

To that end, GumGum has authored the first publication of its kind, “The Brand Marketer’s Guide to In-Image Advertising.”

A comprehensive overview of in-image advertising, the guide demonstrates how and why turning images into contextually relevant advertising inventory has become a new and exciting display advertising channel for brands.

In addition to the fundamentals of in-image advertising, the guide also presents several key takeaways, including:

  • Average engagement rates compared to standard banner ads.
  • Why in-image ads have higher viewability rates than other display ads.
  • Why in-image is a scalable display advertising opportunity for brands.
  • How in-image advertising drives lift in awareness and purchase intent.

To download a copy of “The Brand Marketer’s Guide to In-Image Advertisingclick here for further instructions and additional information.

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