Publisher Spotlight

Publisher Spotlight: Food Fanatic

food_fanaticFor our latest Publisher Spotlight, we are very proud to feature Food Fanatic as a partner with whom we have been fortunate to build a strong relationship since its launch in 2012. Food Fanatic is owned and operated by Mediavine, Inc., an internet marketing company that specializes in entertainment-themed websites. Food Fanatic itself brings together food bloggers of all types to foster a community in which they can share recipes, pictures and ideas. We were able to catch up with Eric Hochberger, Co-founder of Food Fanatic and Mediavine, Inc, in order to learn how they have benefitted from GumGum’s in-image and in-screen advertisements.

How would you characterize the audience you reach (size, demographic composition, etc.)?

We’re 80% women and mostly skew towards a 25-34 age demographic. Our users are mostly highly educated with an above average income and have children. We are a relatively new site and we reach about a quarter million unique visitors a month.

What appeals most to you about the in-image advertising format?

The In-image advertising format offers us a great supplemental income of previously unmonetized screen real estate. Even more than that, in-screen offers a very visually appealing location for advertisements in an already visual medium. It’s really a win-win-win for publishers, advertisers and users.

Do you have a favorite GumGum ad format or a favorite campaign that has run on your site?

Some of the brand advertisements on Food Fanatic have been frighteningly fitting. We run a lot of Tex Mex recipes since our managing editor hails from the great state of Texas. There’s nothing like seeing a “Visit Texas” ad or an ad for some tortillas over a picture of your latest taco recipe.

Have you received any feedback from site visitors about ads from GumGum?

We have not received any feedback from our site visitors about GumGum ads and we take that as a good sign. Our audience is surprisingly vocal when it comes to ads they dislike and not so vocal with ads they do like. We figure our audience sees GumGum ads as a friendly addition to their online experience.

What advice would you give to other publishers thinking about working with GumGum?

Absolutely run it. If you’re not currently monetizing your images and you have large images on your site, you’re wasting a lot of screen real estate and missing out on some great supplemental income. These are beautiful, relevant ads for your users. We’ve never heard a complaint and it’s been a great source of reliable revenue.

Is there anything else you’d like to add about working with GumGum?

The account managers at GumGum are unlike any other company we’ve worked with. They are very publisher-focused. Dan and Evan are always extremely responsive by email and phone and I can honestly say I’ve never worked with an advertising platform where I have felt as comfortable with my team as I do with GumGum.

Publisher Spotlight: Gadget Review


We’re proud of our publisher partners and regularly feature the sites we think do an outstanding job of incorporating in-image and in-screen advertising into their sites. One of our newest publishers, Gadget Review is an an online news and reviews site for all things technology, gadget devices and auto-related content with millions of image impressions per month.

Launched in 2005, the site reaches young men who love to get the latest scoop on the greatest tech gadgets out in the market. Its use of social media publishing and distributing platform helps  build and engage audiences that are highly attractive to advertisers. We spoke with Gadget Review’s Managing Director, Christen da Costa, to get his thoughts on the in-image advertising category and working with GumGum.


Publisher Spotlight: Mamiverse

mamiverseWe’re proud of our publisher partners and regularly feature the sites we think do an outstanding job of incorporating in-image advertising into their sites.

One of our newest publishers, Mamiverse is an entertainment news site with more than 12 million unique visitors per month. Started in July of 2011, the site reaches young and older Latina women who love entertainment. Its parent company, Mamiverse International, uses its social media publishing and distribution platform to build and engage audiences that are highly attractive to advertisers.

We spoke with Mamiverse’s CEO, Rene Alegria, to get her thoughts on the in-image advertising category and working with GumGum.


Publisher Spotlight: Wetpaint

Publisher Spotlight: Wetpaint

We’re proud of our publisher partners and regularly feature the sites we think do an outstanding job of incorporating in-image advertising into their sites.

One of our newest publishers, Wetpaint Entertainment is an entertainment news site with more than 12 million unique visitors per month. Started in September of 2010, the site reaches young, educated and affluent women who love entertainment. Its parent company, Wetpaint, uses its social media publishing and distribution platform to build and engage audiences that are highly attractive to advertisers.

We spoke with Melissa LaCaille, senior manager of revenue and ad operations to get her thoughts on the in-image advertising category and working with GumGum.


Top Images from

Let us introduce you to is a great site that’s been at the top of our image list for the past week. They provide information on entertainment, beauty & fashion, health & fitness, travel, relationships, parenting, recipes, videos, photos and polls.

With photos like these, how couldn’t users be engaged with relevant in-image ads?

We’re sold. These will be made at the company potluck!

GumGum’s Back from Digiday’s Digital Publishing Summit

Digiday’s Digital Publishing Summit is an invite-only networking event that functions as a sort of “state of the industry” event for online publishers and the vendors that serve them. The most recent Summit, held from October 23-26 in Bonita Springs, Florida, was “Restoring Power To The Publisher”. Our Director of Network Development, Greg Pritchard was onsite for the conference.

Since many publishers have in recent years felt technologically “outgunned” by the rapid advance of data-driven real-time bidding for online advertising, the Summit highlighted innovative ways that publishers can leverage data to build their audience and drive revenue. On Day 1, Alvin Fong of Internet Brands, a GumGum partner, explained how IB has leveraged data provider eXelate‘s solution to improve the targeting of online ad units across their network of hundreds of automotive enthusiast sites.

On day 2, we had the opportunity to present to the summit, providing attendees with an introduction to how publishers are using GumGum and in-image advertising to monetize their photos. The presentation was delivered in a fast-paced format known as “Pecha Kucha“, where the presentation must be exactly 20 slides in length and each slide appears for exactly 20 seconds. OnSwipe, a tablet website platform and Outbrain, a content promotion platform also delivered Pecha Kucha presentations during the segment, which was dubbed “Cool Tools For Publishers”. Definitely a fitting description of GumGum! The demonstration of our in-image ad unit and targeting capabilities garnered a lot of interest from the attendees, prompting thought-provoking questions from publishers as diverse as Hearst Newspapers, Federated Media, IDG Enterprise, and Gossip Center.

Coinciding with the announcement about GumGum’s Series B funding announcement, the Summit felt like a real “coming of age” moment for in-image advertising. The space has reached a major inflection point and is thoroughly socialized among major advertisers, publishers, and users. It’s clear that in-image advertising will continue to play a major role in the online advertising ecosystem in the years to come, and DPS was the perfect venue to spread the word on how publishers can drive meaningful revenue with this “cool” new ad unit.

See you in March DPS!

Do you feel the GumGum love?

We love it when our publishers are happy. Nothing makes us feel more satisfied then receiving a note from one of our publishers raving about their experience with GumGum’s in-image monetization solution. So, don’t mind us while we toot our horn for a minute. We can’t help but share the GumGum love with all of you! Here’s a couple of the praises we’ve received lately.

Yesterday one of our publishers Top 5 Jamaica, a search portal that is now widely recognized as one of the pioneering Jamaican websites and a well-known staple of the Jamaican Internet community, was so happy with his GumGum experience that he wrote a glowing blog post about it. In his post, he describes GumGum as “unique” because of its in-image advertising offering over other solutions. He recommends all types of websites should give GumGum a try, from websites that contain at least one photo in each blog post to photo heavy galleries. Another satisfied publisher!

Recently, VerticalScope Inc., a collection of more than 300 websites from the Automotive, Powersports, Power Equipment, Pets, Sports and Technology vertical markets, was so pleased with their experience with GumGum that Rob Laidlaw, President, emailed us with these kind words about why he decided to use GumGum: “We chose GumGum for its effortless deployment, comprehensive site-level reporting, and unmatched sell-through rates. You’ve provided us with an opportunity to include targeted advertisements within our previously unmonetized images and photos across our network of 200+ automotive websites.” Thanks Rob!

Welcoming Hot Rodders to the Auto Publisher Vertical!

Welcome to the world’s largest and busiest hot rod website They have more members, more traffic, and more hot rod tech information than any other hotrodding website!

Hotrodders Knowledge Base — This is their custom search engine for hot rod information. Thousands of categorized, searchable links to other hotrodding websites, tech articles, discussions, and parts suppliers.
Hotrodders Bulletin Board — With over 100,000 members, and over 1.3 million posts, the Hotrodders Bulletin Board is the center of the online hotrodding community. Members can ask and respond to hotrodding questions of all types. Their members include a vast assortment of mechanics, body techs, metalshapers, drag racers, engineers, and hotrodders from all over the world.
Hotrodders Project Journals — Easy-to-use photojournals for recording hotrodding projects. Easily upload pics and information, and create your own photo-journal documenting your current hotrodding project. Or, browse through other members’ journals to get an inside look at low-buck, home-built hot rods.
Tech Article Wiki — Their tech article wiki contains hundreds of tech articles written by hotrodders.
Hotrodders Photo Album — With over 40,000 hotrodding photos, the Hotrodders Photo Album is one of the largest sources of rodding pics on the net. Browse through others’ photos, or create your own album with your hotrodding photos.
Hotrodders Company Reviews — Read and write customer reviews for over 300 hotrodding companies.
Hotrodders Classifieds — They offer free classified ads to hotrodders selling or looking for parts or vehicles.

Huge Welcome to North American Subaru Impreza Owners Club

Do you need to reach Subaru enthusiasts? Then say hello to the North American Subaru Impreza Owners Club. started as a personal website to showcase an owner’s love for the Impreza and quickly grew into a North American website. From there, regional and global clubs have spawned from to include thousands of enthusiasts. Today, is the world’s largest online Subaru community and has over 200,000 enthusiasts. Welcome to the family!

Welcome Fancy Tuning to the Family

Fancy Tuning has gone from an unknown blog to one of the most popular tuning websites in the world. Fancy Tuning started in January 2008 with a passion for modified cars. Today, they write about tuned cars from all over the world, interesting modification trends, latest car tuning company projects, and other tuning news, pictures, and videos. They have a huge community of modify enthusiasts from around the world.