In-Image Advertising Goes Programmatic

As programmatic continues to dominate the advertising industry agenda, we recently unveiled GumGum’s strategy and announced our first major partnership. Having invented the in-image advertising category, it’s only fitting we’d be first to make this premium inventory available to brands programmatically.

Speaking at the AdAge Digital Conference in San Francisco, GumGum CEO Ophir Tanz outlined our new capabilities and Adweek published this article about how we’ve partnered with Xaxis to make in-image advertising available programmatically for the first time. You can read the full text of the press release here. In the coming weeks we’ll be making additional partnership announcements.

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 12.52.31 PM

This is an important milestone for GumGum and demonstrates our ability to walk in step with the ever-changing advertising industry landscape in order to best serve our advertiser and publisher partners. Equally important, it provides a small glimpse into what we think the future of advertising may look like as data and economic efficiency continue to inform media buying decisions.

Above all, what excites us most about our new programmatic capabilities is the huge untapped opportunity it represents for our advertisers. For the first time, advertisers on our platform will be able to combine the benefits of in-image with the power of their audience targeting data and the efficiency of programmatic.

We think this is a tremendous leap forward for premium programmatic and we look forward to working with our clients and partners to capitalize on the opportunity this represents for brands.

If you’d like to learn more about how to transact with GumGum programmatically, email or visit the contact page on our site. We’d love to discuss it with you!

GumGum Talks Advertising Week on Fox

Our founder and CEO Ophir Tanz made an appearance on Fox Business Channel’s Risk & Reward with Dierdre Bolton this week to discuss Advertising Week, the growth of GumGum and the role of in-image ads in the rapidly changing digital advertising industry.

In addition to lending his perspective on the news and industry buzz happening across hundreds of events taking place in New York this week, the interview highlighted GumGum’s role in Advertising Week as a sponsor of the annual IAB MIXX conference, the Mobile Media Summit and the Brand Innovators dinner.

Click here to watch the entire segment, which originally aired on Thursday, October 2, 2014.

GumGum Image Scientists Present at IPCV

In a testament to our deep understanding of images, GumGum’s image science team has co-authored a paper delving into the technology behind our recent hair color detection campaign for L’Oreal Paris. This image recognition technology was used by L’Oreal to dynamically target product ads based on hair color and hair volume identified in photos of faces for its Ombre campaign. Our image scientists, Cambron Carter and Dan Rosen, presented their “Automated Hair Color Determination” paper in Las Vegas at the Image Processing, Computer Vision conference this past week. The paper presents their approach and results when using the newly developed image recognition technology. If you are interested and/or scientifically inclined, you can read the full text of the paper here.

GumGum Leads Report on In-image Ads

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 3.31.32 PM We’re proud to announce the release of the “In-image Advertising Primer” by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, which we co-authored alongside other members of its Image-Based Advertising Working GroupThe first publication of its kind, the report details the benefits images hold for brand advertisers, publishers and consumers alike.

The announcement drew attention from some of our favorite advertising trade publications, including Mediapost and ClickZ. We’d especially like to thank Carl Kalapesi at the IAB for spearheading this effort, along with other members of the IAB Image-Based Advertising Working Group. Also, special thanks to our marketing colleagues Susan Chaika at Nielsen and Rachel Conforti at DoubleVerify.

To download a copy of the  paper, follow this link: To read the press release issued by the IAB go to

GumGum in Advertising Age

Today marks a first for GumGum, as our full-page ad appears on pg. 13 of the annual Digital Issue in Advertising Age’s print magazine.

This is the start of a year-long program with AdAge, designed to raise awareness of GumGum among agencies, brands and the digital advertising industry.

Kudos to our in-house design team for bringing the power of images and the benefit of in-image advertising to life in the industry’s most revered publication.

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 2.08.00 PM

Have you seen AdAge’s latest Digital Issue, yet? Grab a copy at your nearest newsstand and share your thoughts on our recent print ad by commenting below.

GumGum Featured on Bloomberg TV+

We are so honored to have been featured on Bloomberg Television earlier this week during an interview segment with First Round CapitalHoward Morgan, one of our distinguished investors.

Thank you Howard!

See the interview segment above or follow the video link here.

A Disruptive Game Plan: Catching the Active Consumer


Consumer engagement. Brand impact. Whether it’s initiating a dialogue, extending a brand’s story or determining strategies to win over hearts and minds, consumers are king when it comes to brand marketing online.

To prove the efficacy of our in-image ads to drive consumer engagement, we deployed Nielsen Online Brand Effect on behalf of a major electronics retailer, as they rolled out their ultra high-definition televisions. Knowing that pro football coincided with the holiday shopping season, we overlaid our custom animated creative for the new TVs on football related images across the GumGum platform. 
The result was not only an increase in awareness of the brand, but a 12.1% brand lift in purchase intent among those exposed to the campaign. To read the full case study, click here.
A BIG THANK YOU goes out to the team at Nielsen for featuring GumGum on the Nielsen Newswire and inviting us to co-present the study during their publisher breakfast at the upcoming iMedia Agency Summit in Scottsdale on December 10, 2013.

GumGum Wins Prestigious Patrick Soon-Shiong Innovation Award

  • GumGum Wins Prestigious Patrick Soon-Shiong Innovation Award
  • GumGum Wins Prestigious Patrick Soon-Shiong Innovation Award
  • GumGum Wins Prestigious Patrick Soon-Shiong Innovation Award
  • GumGum Wins Prestigious Patrick Soon-Shiong Innovation Award
  • GumGum Wins Prestigious Patrick Soon-Shiong Innovation Award
  • GumGum Wins Prestigious Patrick Soon-Shiong Innovation Award
  • GumGum Wins Prestigious Patrick Soon-Shiong Innovation Award
  • GumGum Wins Prestigious Patrick Soon-Shiong Innovation Award
  • GumGum Wins Prestigious Patrick Soon-Shiong Innovation Award
  • GumGum Wins Prestigious Patrick Soon-Shiong Innovation Award
  • GumGum Wins Prestigious Patrick Soon-Shiong Innovation Award

For a company that prides itself on innovation, we could not be more proud of being awarded the Los Angeles Business Journal‘s 2013 Patrick Soon-Shiong Innovation Award. The prestigious honor celebrates organizations that stretch boundaries and advance the innovative and economic competitiveness of the Los Angeles region. GumGum was among five companies to receive the honor from among more than 200 nominees and 15 finalists. A complete overview of the awards and all of the winners is part of a spread in this week’s issue of the Journal.

For the press release of this announcement, click here.


Where Images and Ads Hook Up

For a long time, we’ve wanted to use video to bring to life the concept of in-image advertising in a fun and clever way, and this week we launched an entertaining 40-second spot we think does just that.

Where Images and Ads Hook Up” casts two young models in a provocative scene; an image is portrayed by the young woman, and the ad is played by a man, while viewers become privy to the steamy interaction that ensues. Our call to action is read on screen: “enhance your brand’s performance,” the double entendre meant to communicate the value of in-image ads within the context of our sexy spot.


Leasing a Soul and Building Better Companies (PandoDaily Post)

Leasing a Soul and Building Better Companies (PandoDaily Post)

This article, authored by GumGum CEO Ophir Tanz, was originally published by PandoDaily on August 28, 2013.

Institutional investment in tech entrepreneurs dates back 50 years or so and, during that period, we’ve seen the average age of funded entrepreneurs drop precipitously. The scenario today is somewhat laughable when you consider it. In a typical early stage venture capital investment, a million dollars or more is pooled from pension funds, charities, endowments and sovereign wealth funds and entrusted to a twenty-something with zero work experience, no real understanding of how to manage people or capital, no ability to command a room, garner press, or even put together decent financials…the list goes on.

Yet there is more investment in unproven entrepreneurs now than ever before. Why? What insurance does an early stage investor have to hedge obvious risk? And, furthermore, is the current value exchange leading entrepreneurs to build the best possible companies?