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Top Image and Keyword from Yesterday

With billions of in-image ads served monthly our top images and keywords change day-to-day. But we have a fun tool that we use to track what the top keywords and images are. Without further ado….

Yesterday’s top image comes to us from BuddyTV’s 100 Sexiest Men of 2010 – #100 Andrew Lincoln, from The Walking Dead. This show has received tons of attention since it’s recent premiere of the new season. It’s no wonder this image is pulling in the most impressions and clicks.

Yesterday’s top keyword was film. Entertainment is always a huge attention grabber for users online.

Help Us in Welcoming Ryan Rosario, Data Scientist to the team!

We’re happy to welcome Ryan Rosario, Data Scientist to the GumGum team. Ryan’s an ex-Statistician, now turned Computer Scientist, working on his Ph.D. candidate in Statistics at UCLA. His M.S. in Computer Science in June 2010 thesis area of specialization was data mining machine learning. In general, Ryan’s interested in Web Mining, Search and Information Retrieval, Text Mining and Natural Language Processing, Databases and Datastores for Big Data and Non-Tabular Data, MapReduce and Similar Frameworks for Big Data and Social Network Analysis.

Before Ryan began the journey towards a Doctorate, Ryan was a Data Scientist at Rubicon Project.

Aside from programming and data, Ryan loves the outdoors, especially the beach and the mountains. When he cannot get to either, he enjoys nothing more than a drive along Pacific Coast Highway. He also like commercial aviation, and mysteries.

Ryan loves to share his thoughts and insights on his blog and twitter.

Do you feel the GumGum love?

We love it when our publishers are happy. Nothing makes us feel more satisfied then receiving a note from one of our publishers raving about their experience with GumGum’s in-image monetization solution. So, don’t mind us while we toot our horn for a minute. We can’t help but share the GumGum love with all of you! Here’s a couple of the praises we’ve received lately.

Yesterday one of our publishers Top 5 Jamaica, a search portal that is now widely recognized as one of the pioneering Jamaican websites and a well-known staple of the Jamaican Internet community, was so happy with his GumGum experience that he wrote a glowing blog post about it. In his post, he describes GumGum as “unique” because of its in-image advertising offering over other solutions. He recommends all types of websites should give GumGum a try, from websites that contain at least one photo in each blog post to photo heavy galleries. Another satisfied publisher!

Recently, VerticalScope Inc., a collection of more than 300 websites from the Automotive, Powersports, Power Equipment, Pets, Sports and Technology vertical markets, was so pleased with their experience with GumGum that Rob Laidlaw, President, emailed us with these kind words about why he decided to use GumGum: “We chose GumGum for its effortless deployment, comprehensive site-level reporting, and unmatched sell-through rates. You’ve provided us with an opportunity to include targeted advertisements within our previously unmonetized images and photos across our network of 200+ automotive websites.” Thanks Rob!

GumGum Wins Hottest Advertising Startup

Last night at the Siemer Silicon Beach Summit, cutting-edge startups were awarded Siemer Wavemaker Awards for innovation. Ophir Tanz, CEO and founder of GumGum accepted the Hang Ten Award for innovation in advertising. The “Cyber Guy” Kurt Knutsson infused the event with humorous and engaging hosting that included reading Ophir Tanz’s text messages for all to hear on stage. Seven different awards were given out ranging from distinction awards to industry specific awards. 28 esteemed judges included Google, Adobe, Hewlett-Packard, SoCalTech News, Burstly and dozens of others. Stand out, early-stage startup nominees included Chill, Klout, Mobile Roadie, Ranker, Cocodot, Convertro, ATMCASH, DataPop, FitOrbit, Fwix, GotCash, GraphEffect, IndieGogo, iStoryTime, Jizo, Kiip, Live Matrix,  LOUD3R, LovingEco, Miso Media, MobileCause, Postcard on the Run, Relevant Media, Talenthouse, ThinkNear, ThisNext, Viddy, Vitaportal, Wemo Media,, and YouMail.

It was an amazing night, surrounded by local changemakers and inspiring companies. Here’s a  shot of Ophir Tanz with David Siemer of Siemer & Associates after the big win:

Avast to GumGum’s Favorite Ways t’ Celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day

Ahoy! Avast! Today be International Talk Like a Pirate Day ye online lubbers. Arrr! Thar be more ways to celebrate than buxom beauties aboard ye ship. All ye publishers and advertisers have a wee bit o’ pirate in ye. Smartly me lasses, grab ye grog and hornpipes and avast to GumGum’s favorite ways t’ celebrate this magnificent day.

Transform Web Pages to Pirate with YQL

Use Yahoo’s YQL table to convert your web pages to pirate speak or use JavaScript to automatically change them to pirate speak.

Search the Internet Sea Like a Pirate

Transform search with a Google Pirate interface that translates your entire search experience powered by bottles o’ grog.

Tweet Like a Pirate’s Parrot

Let Post Like a Pirate help you tweet a beauty with pirate pickup lines like “I’d love to drop anchor in your lagoon.” Just don’t forget #tlapd to find other pirate crews.

Choose Yer Facebook Pirate Tounge

Don’t forget to change your Facebook language to English (Pirate) to see “News Feed” turn to “Captain’s Log”, “Log Out” to “Abandon Ship”, “Inbox” to “Bottle o’ Messages” and “Upcoming Events” to “Grog Fests.”

Talk to Yer Pirate Crew on iPhone

This app from Bizmosis on iTunes for $0.99 will have you organizing pirate crew meetups before you know it.

Turn Your iPad into a Pirate’s Journal

Use Appigo Todo to transform your iPad experience into a pirate’s dream journal.

Q&A with Ken Weiner, CTO on Scalable Advertising, Ubuntu, and Saxophone

Let me introduce Ken Weiner, GumGum’s Chief Technology Officer. Ken brings over a decade of information technology expertise to lead his team in product architecture, implementation and company operations. He leverages Amazon EC2, Hadoop and HBase to build GumGum’s scalable in-image ad server. Ken’s love for technology brings him to conferences and groups like CTO Forum, Los Angeles Hadoop Users Group and Thursday Lunch, that he organizes to bring together local Santa Monica startups every Thursday. Follow Ken @kweiner and @ThursdayLunch.

How did you get into online advertising?
My first exposure to online advertising was with my previous company They were one of the largest, top 10 I think, advertisers online in terms of total spend. At GumGum, I got deep into online advertising as we shifted our business from a pay-per-impression image licensing platform to an in-image advertising network.

What do you love about in-image advertising?
Building something that hasn’t been done before. I enjoy the challenge of creating technology that can intelligently pair advertisements with images. The key is understanding what images are all about at scale. There are billions of image impressions on the web each month so the opportunity is enormous.

What’s the best tip you could give publishers to optimize their images for increased traffic?
Make sure each image is equipped with alt or title text that describes the contents of the image. Also try to use images that are at least 300 pixels wide on pages that get the most traffic. Larger, and often higher paying, advertisements only fit on larger images.

What’s your favorite thing to do outside the office?
I enjoy playing the tenor saxophone in small jazz groups and big bands.

You’re on a desert island with only a computer, what software do you bring with you?

What’s your favorite GumGum publisher?
We have a lot of great publishers, but I’ll go with, a guide to arts, news, and entertainment, in and around Los Angeles where I live, work, and play.

Where do you hope to see GumGum in 5 years?
I’d like to see GumGum present online wherever there are images – a household name among web publishers.

What word best describes GumGum?
Hungry. We want to succeed and we love to eat!

Have questions for Ken about publisher tips, in-image advertising or how he built our scalable ad server? Comment them below and he’ll get back to you.

Labor Day Image Round-up

We hope everyone is having a fun-filled Labor Day weekend. The GumGum family is making sure that we enjoy the 3-day weekend also. Some of us are in Vegas and Mammoth. Others are staying local in Los Angeles, taking visitors around to all the tourist attractions.

Did you know that Labor Day started in September 5, 1882 as a result of worker deaths during the Pullman Strike? Here’s some neat old pictures we found of Labor Day celebrations. Enjoy!

Turn your 2011 MTV Video Music Awards Celebrity Images into Lucrative Experiences

Last night, the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards broadcasted live to over 12.4 million people around the world. Eyes were glued to the star-studded performance lineup, including Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s performances ending with a pregnancy announcement and Chris Brown’s show-stopping aerobatics performance. Today, viewers are scouring entertainment and gossip websites for the best picture of their favorite celebrity or eye-grabbing VMA moment.

By using GumGum in-image advertising, this gossip-worthy image of pregnant Beyoncé on the VMA’s Red Carpet last night can be turned from an ordinary static image on your website into a targeted in-image advertisement that makes you revenue.





















Learn more about GumGum and how to turn your images into lucrative, interactive user experiences here.