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Publisher Spotlight: Parent Society

parent society

Recently, we had a chance to touch base with Christine Cook, Ad Operations Manager at our publisher partner, Parent Society, an online lifestyle site for parental-based content. Here is what she had to say about working with GumGum.


When was your site started?

We launched with the Cute Kid in 2006.

How would you characterize the audience you reach (size, demographic composition, ect.)?

We’ve got about 3 million unique visitors per month, consisting mostly of moms ages 25-54 with kids under 10. Average HHI (Household Income) $75,000. Our moms are highly engaged, very social and consider themselves shopping, foodie and health/beauty trendsetters.

How long have you been running GumGum ads?

We launched GumGum ads in February 2014.

What appeals most to you about the in-image advertising format?

Our site is extremely visual, with lots of slideshows and photos so it’s a great way to serve a highly visible and impactful ad unit where we have tons of inventory making for great incremental revenue on an area we weren’t really monetizing before.

Do you have a favorite GumGum ad format or a favorite campaign that has run on your site?

The Maytag campaign was great as it was highly engaging and fun and was super relevant to our users, (what Mom wouldn’t love a new washer/dryer?). The visual was really cool and definitely grabbed the user’s attention.

Have you received any feedback from site visitors about ads from GumGum?

Our visitors seem to be happy with the ads. We’ve never received any complaints about them!

What advice would you give to other publishers thinking about working with GumGum?

I’d say go for it and test it out. There’s really nothing to lose. It’s not something that’s going to run on every single image served, so it’s not intrusive. We’ve had really incredible results so far and GumGum is so easy and pleasant to work with. We’re having a great experience and look forward to keeping the partnership going long term.

Is there anything else you’d like to add about working with GumGum?

Just that it’s been a real pleasure. The GumGum team has made is so painless and seamless, we couldn’t ask for more. They’re always quick to reply when we’ve got questions and have been just super helpful overall.


Cat’s Pride Case Study Featured at ad:tech

We couldn’t be more proud to present our campaign for Cat’s Pride® Fresh & Light® cat litter at ad:tech San Francisco this week. During the session, “Native Ads, Images and New Must-Haves in the Media Plan,” GumGum SVP of Marketing, Tony Winders and our client, Bob Tacy, SVP of Digital Media at Doner, will present how in-image advertising put Cat’s Pride® directly in front of cat enthusiasts.

Other panelists include Dave Martin, SVP of Media for Ignited; Julie Jensen, Sr. Group Manager of Media for The Clorox Co.; Gyro Executive Creative Director Steffan Postaer; and Sharethrough Co-Founder and CEO Dan Greenberg. We’re looking forward to hearing these other experts’ views, especially in light of our post on native advertising last week.

Fresh and Light Demo Still

The Cat’s Pride® campaign was one of GumGum’s most successful ever, boasting an overall click-through rate of 1.18
percent. Upon interacting with the creative, consumers were taken to a video light box overlay that
achieved a 50 percent completion rate and a 4.22 percent CTR to the official Cat’s Pride® website.

Fresh and Light Creative

To download the complete Cat’s Pride® case study, click here. For a look at other GumGum campaigns,
visit our creative gallery.

2012 In-Image Ad Trends: #2 Non-Standard, Integrated Ads

In a quest to avoid things like banner blindness and to stand out from competitors, more clients are requesting ads that are not standard sizes. With in-image advertising being a new niche in online advertising, there’s a unique opportunity to carve out new advertising standards that integrate into and enrich the publisher and user experience, minimizing any disruption. Here’s a few examples of non-standard, integrated in-image campaigns clients requested.




2012 In-Image Ad Trends: #1 Video

eMarketer predicts that US video ad spending will grow to 43.1% in 2012. This means huge things for in-image advertising in 2012 that can showcase video prominently and relevantly. Consumers are drawn to video because it reproduces the richness they associate with TV. With in-image advertising’s highly relevant targeting and placement, the user is getting a rich content experience. Here’s a few GumGum in-image advertising campaigns with video components that saw great engagement returns.

Snow White and The Huntsman

Axe Bodyspray


Power of a Keyword

GumGum designed a blend of proprietary image recognition and targeting technologies to precisely overlay in-image ads on relevant images around the web. One way we do this is through the use of keyword targeting. Advertisers select a set of keywords related to the product or service they wish to advertise. We take those keywords and match them against GumGum publisher image label tags (make sure your images are labeled correctly!) for a highly targeted and relevant user experience that drives higher engagement and clickthrough rates.


Experiential Targeting

The right keyword can evoke strong user emotions. Take the Wyoming Cowboys celebratory win depicted below, with an emotive “Real Heroes are Made Off the Field” in-image ad overlay from Buick. With accurately and appropriately targeted keywords, the user is given a relevant emotional experience.


Ease of Life Targeting

Some in-image advertising experiences can provide the user with a recommendation that can make their life easier. A user searching for chicken recipes that calls for mayonnaise could be taken to this page with the Hellmann’s Chicken Challenge in-image ad with video component below. Through precise keyword targeting, the user is matched with exactly what they were searching for: chicken recipe variations that use mayonnaise.


Lifestyle Targeting

Many users scour the Internet for products and services that fit their lifestyle, from adventurous to luxurious to casual. Wanderlust users viewing the photo gallery of the Wort Hotel in Jackson Hole, Wyoming below will see an ad for the luxurious Hyatt Summerfield Suites. Through demographic keyword targeting, the user sees a luxury hotel recommendation that fits perfectly into their next trip.

Is Display Advertising Dead?

During Thursday’s “Promises, Promises: Finding the Real Value in Integrated Marketing” panel at Paid Content Advertising Conference, it was said that display advertising is dead. Is it really dying or simply evolving?

Display advertising is so much more than banner ads on web browsers these days. With the rise of real-time web, the dynamic ad experience and the convergence of storytelling, entertainment, play, technology, and social, display advertising conveys a more vivid and compelling picture of brands that both engage and empower consumers.

eMarketer reports that U.S. online ad spending will pass $30 billion in 2012, outshining other media, with 1.1 trillion display ads delivered in Q1 of this year, according to comScore.

There is huge potential for display advertising to evolve from the traditional browser placements, technology components and targeting. Elevating display advertising with in-image overlays and a true understanding of what images are, will give advertisers highly relevant placements that receive meaningful views by quantified and engaged consumers. GumGum advertisers are seeing the value with CTR’s between .15%-4%.

A recent campaign we ran for Axe bodyspray utilized in-image advertising with a video and social component, resulting in tremendous consumer engagement.

So, is display advertising dying? We think not. What do you think?