Publisher Happy Hour in NY

Our Publisher Development team hosted their first New York happy hour at the Gansevoort Park Rooftop off Park avenue. Some of our key publishers attended in the summer heat to join us for happy drinks and food. A big thanks to our publishers for coming out and we look forward to hosting them again.

Stay tuned for the next one!





GumBallers Win Nike Championship Tournament

Our very own GumBallers basketball league took home the gold at Nike’s Basketball 3ON3 Tournament last weekend. The team played a round of games on the streets of the Staples Center and LA Live before winning first prize. Over 1,200 teams from across the nation with various levels of skill and ages are allowed to compete. Nike hosts the 3ON3 tournament each year and we hope to compete again.

Congratulations to Fred Jackson from our Accounting team, Myles O’Connor from Web Development and Stephen Carroll and Dan Patterson of our Ad Operations department.

Guys Pic 1




Hackathon 2016

We hosted our first Hackathon at GumGum HQ in Santa Monica and we’re blown away by the inventiveness each participant brought to the table. 34 employees broken up into 11 teams spent 48 hours hacking before presenting their ideas to our executive team. It was a chance for anyone within our company to showcase their visions and have GumGum bring them to fruition. After some intense deliberation, the competition came to a close with an awards happy hour.

Highlights in the video below!

Taking home first place for their publisher support system was Michele Larson and Christine Wang.

1st Place Winners

In second place was Sebastian Schaeffer, Edmund Chen, Lauren DeFranza and Matt Evans who developed prototypes that demonstrate innovation in graphic design for GumGum ads.

2nd Place Winners

In Third place was Kunal Saluja, Iris Fu, Nishita Sant and Joshua Ramos for their novel deep learning techniques used to extract emotions from images and text.

In the category sections, Most Innovative was won by Sebastien Schaeffer, Edmund Chen, Lauren DeFranza and Matt Evans. Myles O’Connor, Maxime Nay, Mario Lazaro and Guillaume Torche won Best Revenue Potential. Finally, Florian Dambrine won Best Execution, all the way from his home in France.

Check out our pre-competition teaser! A big thanks to Florian Dambrine in our French office for putting this together to get the GumGum team excited!

Hackathon Group

Our New HQ

We moved up the street to a bigger, brighter and more beautiful office. Still conveniently located in the heart of Santa Monica’s Silicon Beach, our new space has everything we need. From a small outdoor patio overlooking the Pacific Ocean to our own Kombucha tap, our employees are more than happy to spend their days and lunches in the office. We kicked off our first day with a team lunch catered by our new neighbor, Mendocino Farms. By next year we will have taken over another floor at our new building. So much room for growth!

Lobby New







Lunch 2


Take Us Back to Cannes Lions 2016

The week we spent in Cannes came and went but the memories we made and the people we met will be something we will always treasure. It was our first trip to the Cannes Lions Festival and we decided to do it the only way that felt right. By renting a yacht overlooking the Mediterranean Sea! Excursion was her name and she quickly became host to the series of incredible meetings and parties we hosted with eMarketer, The Drum, Brand Innovators and Masterclassing.  Besides the festival itself, the Port de Cannes is the place to be with a glass of French rose in hand mingling with industry peers. Just steps away from the Palais des Festivals where the event took place, we eventually found ourselves with a line of people ready to board Excursion. Cannes 2016 was an unbelievable experience that gave us the opportunity to network with people from all around the world. Even more so, it put GumGum on the international map and we made some outstanding friends along the way. We can’t wait for next year!











GumGum x Heal the Bay

We teamed up with the Heal the Bay for our first beach cleanup in our backyard of Santa Monica beach. GumGum supports all green initiatives and this experience was truly eye opening. We met directly next to the Santa Monica pier, a tourist attraction but also a hotspot for pounds of trash that sadly, end up in the ocean. This environmentally rooted nonprofit hosts beach cleanups each week where anyone can support by simply showing up and putting in a few hours of their time. They also make it fun by hosting team competitions for the most cigarette butts and pounds of trash collected. Overall, the feeling of contributing to a cause bigger than ourselves was a great one to have. We built relationships with our peers but also our ocean. To learn more about Heal the Bay and register to volunteer visit







It was only a matter of time until we got our own basketball team. In between The Bachlorette, March Madness and Super Bowl leagues that seem to come quicker than Summer each year, we were just itching for our own sports team. Because email updates on who received the rose or what team made it to the championship is simply not enough!

Behold the GumGum Gumballers, a basketball team created by five guys from different departments. The goal of creating the league was to play other startups but ended up being a great outside office activity for the guys with other random teams. Games take place each Monday night throughout the Spring and Summer months  in Culver City and allow for some major competitive bonding. Besides the after hours fun, the best part of the league is their custom jerseys. Created by player Myles O’Connor and sponsored by GumGum, we think they rep us well on the court.

We can’t wait to see how this season turnes out for the Gumballers!


Gumballer Players from left: Uday, Adam, Kyle, Fred, Dan, Myles, Stephen, Michael, Nico

Gumballer Players from left: Uday, Adam, Kyle, Fred, Dan, Myles, Stephen, Michael, Nico

Babies of GumGum

Spring is here and so are babies at GumGum. For a long time our dogs took center stage at the office and took reign over our social media. That’s until people starting having babies. Not just any babies but really cute and adorable babies!  Bring your kid to work day just got real. So in true GumGum fashion, we had to take it to the next level and had custom onesies made so each little tot could represent us in a small and mighty way. As our company continues to grow so do the families of our employees and that is truly an exciting thing.


Brendon Kim born to Brian Kim, VP of Product.


Penn Pambianco born to Morgan Pambianco, Account Director, Midwest Sales

Celebrating Earth Day with TreePeople

We love our planet, so we had a blast sponsoring TreePeople at its first annual Earth Day Soiree last Thursday. The event took place at the ever so fitting garden venue Tiato in Santa Monica, where we enjoyed organic cocktails and appetizers with TreePeople Founder and President Andy Lipkis and new CEO Cindy Montanez.

TreePeople is a nonprofit organization dedicated to our planet’s social climate. Volunteers come together to not only plant trees, but also replenish depleted areas and collect rainwater. Their efforts alone have seen more than 5,000 trees planted and almost 2 million gallons of water harvested across Los Angeles. Lipkis took a moment to educate guests on the success of his organization, which started as his teenage dream and continues to pull in over 4,400 volunteers at 200 events with only 57 employees.

Besides being happily overloaded with all things green, the night included other fun activities like planting Desert Willow trees and asking the organization’s onsite tree doctor for advice on caring for our house plants.

Internationally acclaimed artist Mileece dazzled us with her speech about the science of human likeness with plants through energetic vibrations. Sound overwhelmingly impressive? It was! Guests were also allowed to experience this creative magic by viewing Mileece’s installation.

TreePeople killed it (as usual) at this event. We left feeling more connected to Mother Earth, with full bellies and happy hearts to boot. Looking forward to next year!

For more awesome stats on TreePeople and its work visit their website here.

Ladies Planting Trees Table

Tech All Hands

On Friday morning, April 1st, all fortysomething members of GumGum’s engineering teams met in the cheerfully lit–albeit narrow–hallway of Santa Monica’s Promenade Playhouse. The theater, a cozy creative hub for Los Angeles’s performing arts community, was our temporary stage for the next three hours, a whimsical, if not cheeky, collision of Silicon Beach’s technology scene and the rinky-dink charms of old-school theater.

A semi-annual event, the Tech All Hands is not so much a tradition steeped into our company culture as it is a necessary checkup among the teams that fall under the “technology” umbrella at GumGum. It’s a showcase of our hard-earned accomplishments and a nod toward what is to come. Even though GumGum operates with minimal walls and maximum transparency between all employees, it is still easy to work with buried heads in the sand when we are so passionate about and focused on our individual projects. The Tech All Hands is when we share the why’s of where we’ve invested our time into and collaborate on ways in which we can recalibrate moving forward.

Fueled by the smoky bite of morning’s first coffee, team leads from Product to Big Data gave their peers an insightful look into what they’ve been brewing behind the curtain. Some highlights include a unified design/UI framework for our products and a brand new avails system that gives us much more accurate inventory forecasting for projected ad impressions. Perhaps most exciting has been our aggressive innovations in image technology. Through machine learning and extensive algorithm work, we are now able to recognize faces in images. Our Image Scientists have also designed a system from which we will house all of our recognition technology (such as our ability to accurately distinguish brand logos…and cats!).

Under the beam of red and green lights, the slideshow presentations were a performance in reassurance that we’ve done a lot, but also a motivating nudge to remind us that we can never stop fighting the good fight for more.

See you again in six months!

Tech All Hands