Trivia Night with TrivWorks

We teamed up with SoCal based TrivWorks for a trivia happy hour at our Los Angeles office. More competition than actual team-bonding (we can’t help ourselves), our host and TrivWorks founder, David Jacobson knew exactly how to work the crowd. Everyone was separated into groups and questions were put into categories. To make things more interesting, between each new questionnaire, there were one-on-one question-offs that put all us tech geeks to serious shame. As a collected group we knew so much but as individuals we knew nothing. The night was filled with a ton of laughing, dancing and as always, incredible food and drinks. We’re definitely looking forward to our next trivia night but plan to do some studying before.







A Wine League of Their Own

We gathered all the wine aficionados at our Santa Monica office for our first wine tasting and it was a success. Hosted by our very own Wine League (yes, we have a Wine League), tasters all contributed by bringing a bottle of their favorite wine or snack. Cheese was grated, judgements were passed and memories were made. A special shout out to our Controller, Chris McKnight who brought in his Mom’s vintage fondue maker. What started out as a group of work friends looking for the best wine spots for happy hour quickly became a classy event at our own office. And with so many types of wine out there, this was just the beginning of many more tastings to come.









Riding Through Dmexco

Last week, visitors at Dmexco got to take a ride through GumGum’s capabilities in our massive camera booth. Towering over a crowd of 50,000 professionals and spectators at the Koelnmesse expo hall in Cologne, Germany, we were a sight to see.

As one of the largest events in the digital world, Dmexco connects marketing, media and tech professionals and spectators. It’s a great mix of business, networking and fun so we opted to include some cool things at our booth such as a bike, candy machines, a private meeting room and just a bit of technology to showcase our services.

Cologne is unlike any other city with its architecturally colorful buildings. We wanted to pay respect to that image by handing out customized tote bags with an image of some of the city’s most famous buildings. These quickly became a sought after item at the conference! Our time at Dmexco was an inspiring one. We are grateful to have been part of a conference that brings together leaders in innovation and creativity.

Group Shot

Tote Bags


One on One

Mini GB Machines

Meeting 2

Meeting 1


Cute Girls

Cany Two

Booth side



Volunteering with Anti-Cruelty Society

Last week, employees from our Chicago office showed their love for animals by volunteering at the Anti-Cruelty Society, Chicago’s largest humane society. Twelve volunteers spent their day visiting with cats, dogs and other furry friends while touring the facilities. They also had a chance to get crafty and make toys and beds for their new furry friends.

Chicago Office

As a thank you, GumGum donated two bags worth of t-shirts, blankets, pipe cleaner and catnip which will all go towards helping the society as well as future volunteers. The Anti-Cruelty Society is notorious for their stance against euthanasia and believe sterilization is the solution to animal overpopulation. Want to get involved? Sign up here!

Ladie's working hard






Getting our Sweat on with F45 Santa Monica

F45 Training’s Santa Monica studio is right across the street from GumGum headquarters and beautiful, happy people are always making their way in and out of this unfamiliar place. So, of course, we needed to see what all the fuss was about. Let’s just say we got our hamstrings handed to us.

Functional 45 Training, also known as F45, originated in Australia just two years ago and quickly made its way to the West Coast. Now with 300 locations across the globe, the training program is a bonafide hit; people are loving the quick, 45-minute (hence the name!) high intensity strength and conditioning classes. Each session is so great because you feel like you’re working with your own personal trainer.

We took a 45-minute resistance training class called “Romans,” in which we each went through circuits with a partner. Below is our post class group shot where we pretended not to be exhausted. We won’t be waking up at 6:30am like some of F45 Training’s dedicated clients, but we will definitely be back!


Publisher Happy Hour in NY

Our Publisher Development team hosted their first New York happy hour at the Gansevoort Park Rooftop off Park avenue. Some of our key publishers attended in the summer heat to join us for happy drinks and food. A big thanks to our publishers for coming out and we look forward to hosting them again.

Stay tuned for the next one!





GumBallers Win Nike Championship Tournament

Our very own GumBallers basketball league took home the gold at Nike’s Basketball 3ON3 Tournament last weekend. The team played a round of games on the streets of the Staples Center and LA Live before winning first prize. Over 1,200 teams from across the nation with various levels of skill and ages are allowed to compete. Nike hosts the 3ON3 tournament each year and we hope to compete again.

Congratulations to Fred Jackson from our Accounting team, Myles O’Connor from Web Development and Stephen Carroll and Dan Patterson of our Ad Operations department.

Guys Pic 1




Hackathon 2016

We hosted our first Hackathon at GumGum HQ in Santa Monica and we’re blown away by the inventiveness each participant brought to the table. 34 employees broken up into 11 teams spent 48 hours hacking before presenting their ideas to our executive team. It was a chance for anyone within our company to showcase their visions and have GumGum bring them to fruition. After some intense deliberation, the competition came to a close with an awards happy hour.

Highlights in the video below!

Taking home first place for their publisher support system was Michele Larson and Christine Wang.

1st Place Winners

In second place was Sebastian Schaeffer, Edmund Chen, Lauren DeFranza and Matt Evans who developed prototypes that demonstrate innovation in graphic design for GumGum ads.

2nd Place Winners

In Third place was Kunal Saluja, Iris Fu, Nishita Sant and Joshua Ramos for their novel deep learning techniques used to extract emotions from images and text.

In the category sections, Most Innovative was won by Sebastien Schaeffer, Edmund Chen, Lauren DeFranza and Matt Evans. Myles O’Connor, Maxime Nay, Mario Lazaro and Guillaume Torche won Best Revenue Potential. Finally, Florian Dambrine won Best Execution, all the way from his home in France.

Check out our pre-competition teaser! A big thanks to Florian Dambrine in our French office for putting this together to get the GumGum team excited!

Hackathon Group

Our New HQ

We moved up the street to a bigger, brighter and more beautiful office. Still conveniently located in the heart of Santa Monica’s Silicon Beach, our new space has everything we need. From a small outdoor patio overlooking the Pacific Ocean to our own Kombucha tap, our employees are more than happy to spend their days and lunches in the office. We kicked off our first day with a team lunch catered by our new neighbor, Mendocino Farms. By next year we will have taken over another floor at our new building. So much room for growth!

Lobby New







Lunch 2


Take Us Back to Cannes Lions 2016

The week we spent in Cannes came and went but the memories we made and the people we met will be something we will always treasure. It was our first trip to the Cannes Lions Festival and we decided to do it the only way that felt right. By renting a yacht overlooking the Mediterranean Sea! Excursion was her name and she quickly became host to the series of incredible meetings and parties we hosted with eMarketer, The Drum, Brand Innovators and Masterclassing.  Besides the festival itself, the Port de Cannes is the place to be with a glass of French rose in hand mingling with industry peers. Just steps away from the Palais des Festivals where the event took place, we eventually found ourselves with a line of people ready to board Excursion. Cannes 2016 was an unbelievable experience that gave us the opportunity to network with people from all around the world. Even more so, it put GumGum on the international map and we made some outstanding friends along the way. We can’t wait for next year!