Viewability is No Guarantee of Being Seen

Yesterday the Media Rating Council published its long-awaited Viewable Ad Impression Measurement Guidelines and lifted its “advisory” against transacting business on the basis of its new viewable impression standard. This is a great first step in the march toward attracting more brand budgets to digital and the ambitious long-term agenda of the industry’s Making Measurement Make Sense (3MS) initiative. But it’s not enough.

There’s a big difference between impressions that are “viewable” and those that are “seen.” After all, how much of an impression can a banner ad on the periphery of a page really make if only half of its pixels are in view for one second? It’s a fine technical standard, but not one that’s likely to move the needle on brand metrics.

As our COO Phil Schraeder explains in an op-ed piece in AdAge today, despite industry consensus on a new viewable impression standard, our banner blindness epidemic is likely to continue.

In a study commissioned by GumGum, eye tracking ad research firm Sticky found pages with in-image ads (left image) outperformed its benchmarks for ads being seen than pages displaying only standard banner ads (right image).

In a study commissioned by GumGum, eye tracking ad research firm Sticky found pages with in-image ads (left image) outperformed its benchmarks for ads being seen than pages displaying only standard banner ads (right image).

According to this infographic published by eye tracking firm Sticky, about half of all ads that are technically viewable aren’t actually seen. But a study commissioned by GumGum beat those benchmarks, as Sticky found in-image ads drew significantly more attention than pages containing only standard banner ads. No wonder there is so much excitement around the promise of native advertising. In fact, in its In-image Advertising Primer published last month, the IAB said it will now include in-image advertising to its Native Advertising Playbook.

It’s fantastic that a green light has been given to transact on viewable display impressions, and we’re ready. In December, GumGum announced the MRC-certified viewable impression measurement capabilities of DoubleVerify would be integrated directly into our platform.

At GumGum, we’re ready for the brave new world of viewable impressions – in fact, we think ours are the most viewable display units available on the market today. But we’re going beyond just giving advertisers an assurance that we delivered the impressions they ordered. We’re focused on helping our agency partners connect with consumers in ways that are known to be seen, interacted with and will truly move the needle on the engagement metrics marketers care about most.

GumGum Leads Report on In-image Ads

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 3.31.32 PM We’re proud to announce the release of the “In-image Advertising Primer” by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, which we co-authored alongside other members of its Image-Based Advertising Working GroupThe first publication of its kind, the report details the benefits images hold for brand advertisers, publishers and consumers alike.

The announcement drew attention from some of our favorite advertising trade publications, including Mediapost and ClickZ. We’d especially like to thank Carl Kalapesi at the IAB for spearheading this effort, along with other members of the IAB Image-Based Advertising Working Group. Also, special thanks to our marketing colleagues Susan Chaika at Nielsen and Rachel Conforti at DoubleVerify.

To download a copy of the  paper, follow this link: To read the press release issued by the IAB go to

Images Connect Brands to the Red Carpet

red carpet

The 86th Academy Awards on Sunday will feature big-name advertisers seeking to associate with the glitz and glamour of the red carpet. Pepsi, GM, JC Penny and American Express are just a few of the brands that will pay up to $1.9 million per 30-second spot to reach the approximately 40 million viewers who tune in to the program on ABC.

We’re pleased to report that all of GumGum’s 2014 Oscar-targeted in-image advertising inventory has sold out! As movie fans read about the nominated films and peruse celebrity photos across sites like The Hollywood Reporter,, OK Magazine and Wetpaint, the in-image campaigns of those enterprising brands will capture the attention of entertainment fans and create a unique brand association with Oscar like no other form of advertising can.

No longer does a brand’s sponsorship need to remain limited to a fixed broadcast window on the single night of an awards telecast. From the moment morning nominations are announced to when the after parties are over, millions of photos are generated as a result of Oscar, and create a valuable advertising opportunity through the use of in-image advertising.

Brands with limited budgets can use in-image advertising as a proxy for sponsorship of all kinds, most notably televised sporting events and award programs. Those that are television sponsors have used in-image ads to extend their broadcast buy, creating deeper engagement as fans pour over and share images in the days preceding and following a televised event.

GumGum Oscar Graphic

Just as search volume for the nominated films and actors increase in the days leading up to an awards program, in-image advertising extends the “event horizon” beyond the broadcast itself to the days, and sometimes weeks, surrounding any major television event.

Deploying an in-image advertising campaign in the days surrounding an awards broadcast can be achieved for a fraction of the cost of television, with comparable scale and higher frequency than would be feasible during a single broadcast. And with the highest amount of image engagement occurring on the day after the show, in-image advertising gives brands a new opportunity to have the last impression long after the statues have been handed out in Hollywood.

An analysis of image traffic across the GumGum platform in the days before and after the Oscars in recent years shows both impressions and click-through rates rose steadily in the days prior to the broadcast and spiked on the day immediately following each event. The pattern was also consistent for the Golden Globes and the Grammys.

GumGum in Advertising Age

Today marks a first for GumGum, as our full-page ad appears on pg. 13 of the annual Digital Issue in Advertising Age’s print magazine.

This is the start of a year-long program with AdAge, designed to raise awareness of GumGum among agencies, brands and the digital advertising industry.

Kudos to our in-house design team for bringing the power of images and the benefit of in-image advertising to life in the industry’s most revered publication.

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 2.08.00 PM

Have you seen AdAge’s latest Digital Issue, yet? Grab a copy at your nearest newsstand and share your thoughts on our recent print ad by commenting below.

Publisher Spotlight: Gadget Review


We’re proud of our publisher partners and regularly feature the sites we think do an outstanding job of incorporating in-image and in-screen advertising into their sites. One of our newest publishers, Gadget Review is an an online news and reviews site for all things technology, gadget devices and auto-related content with millions of image impressions per month.

Launched in 2005, the site reaches young men who love to get the latest scoop on the greatest tech gadgets out in the market. Its use of social media publishing and distributing platform helps  build and engage audiences that are highly attractive to advertisers. We spoke with Gadget Review’s Managing Director, Christen da Costa, to get his thoughts on the in-image advertising category and working with GumGum.


Happy New Year From the GumGum Team!


As we conclude  a truly remarkable year, we’d like to express our sincerest gratitude to the many clients, partners, advisors and friends who made 2013 so unforgettable.

We’re especially proud of these accomplishments:

  • Increasing revenue by 250% and achieving profitability
  • Doubling our headcount to 50 employees in six U.S. offices
  • Expanding our global reach to more than 300M uniques (Quantcast) and US reach to 70M uniques (comScore)
  • Delivering hundreds of campaigns for heavyweight brands like LG, Canon, AT&T, Cadillac, Lifetime, The CW, Maybelline, Coca-Cola, Toyota, AMC, Macy’s, BMW and Toshiba
  • Adding major publisher partners, including,, Shape, OK!, Spanish Broadcasting System, Billboard, Wetpaint and Internet Brands
  • Launching the Canvas image take-over unit
  • Launching our patent-pending image classification system
  • Launching In-Screen Ads, opening up mobile and non-image inventory
  • Winning the Patrick Soon-Shiong Innovation Award and being named a finalist in the Digiday Publishing and iMedia ASPY Awards

As we enter 2014, we’re excited to expand upon these successes. We look forward to even more growth as we welcome new members to our team and continue to demonstrate our superior brand performance to advertisers and revenue-generating capabilities to publishers.

On behalf of the entire GumGum team, we wish you a very Happy New Year. May 2014 usher in prosperity and success to us all!

GumGum: The Year in Images 2013

pic_gridThe Year of the Snake, the year of the Twerk, of Thrift Shop, the Harlem Shake and mania-inducing events of all kinds – call it what you will, one thing is for sure: 2013 was a year like no other. Spanning the worlds of entertainment, technology, politics and media, we present a few of the top images from across the GumGum platform that shifted, shaped and otherwise changed the way we viewed pop culture in 2013.

From Oreo proving real-time marketing, to Edward Snowden unveiling the truth behind today’s ‘harmless’ technology to Miley Cyrus twerking her way into the pantheon of unforgettable TV moments, 2013 set a benchmark for the incredible, salacious and incomparable events in pop culture history.

Tell us where you’d place these pop culture events on your 2013 ranking list in the comments below!

Clockwise from top left

  • Breaking Bad Finale
  • Edward Snowden NSA Scandal Interview
  • Seth MacFarlane Hosts Oscars
  • Royal Baby Prince George Greets World
  • Miley Cyrus MTV Awards Performance
  • Larry Page Introduces Google Glass
  • •iPhone 5c Product Unveiling
  • Oreo Superbowl Tweet
  • North West Kardashian First Look
  • Justin Timberlake Music Comeback

Publisher Spotlight: Mamiverse

mamiverseWe’re proud of our publisher partners and regularly feature the sites we think do an outstanding job of incorporating in-image advertising into their sites.

One of our newest publishers, Mamiverse is an entertainment news site with more than 12 million unique visitors per month. Started in July of 2011, the site reaches young and older Latina women who love entertainment. Its parent company, Mamiverse International, uses its social media publishing and distribution platform to build and engage audiences that are highly attractive to advertisers.

We spoke with Mamiverse’s CEO, Rene Alegria, to get her thoughts on the in-image advertising category and working with GumGum.


GumGum Featured on Bloomberg TV+

We are so honored to have been featured on Bloomberg Television earlier this week during an interview segment with First Round CapitalHoward Morgan, one of our distinguished investors.

Thank you Howard!

See the interview segment above or follow the video link here.

A Disruptive Game Plan: Catching the Active Consumer


Consumer engagement. Brand impact. Whether it’s initiating a dialogue, extending a brand’s story or determining strategies to win over hearts and minds, consumers are king when it comes to brand marketing online.

To prove the efficacy of our in-image ads to drive consumer engagement, we deployed Nielsen Online Brand Effect on behalf of a major electronics retailer, as they rolled out their ultra high-definition televisions. Knowing that pro football coincided with the holiday shopping season, we overlaid our custom animated creative for the new TVs on football related images across the GumGum platform. 
The result was not only an increase in awareness of the brand, but a 12.1% brand lift in purchase intent among those exposed to the campaign. To read the full case study, click here.
A BIG THANK YOU goes out to the team at Nielsen for featuring GumGum on the Nielsen Newswire and inviting us to co-present the study during their publisher breakfast at the upcoming iMedia Agency Summit in Scottsdale on December 10, 2013.